Audio: Governor Parson calls special session during veto session to reconsider bills he vetoed

Mike Parson Governor of Missouri
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Missouri Republican Governor Mike Parson has called a special session of the state legislature to focus on proposals for STEM education and treatment courts.



The special session will take place at the capitol in Jefferson City and will largely coincide with the annual September veto session in which lawmakers can override the governor’s rejection of bills they passed.

The special gathering will address two bills Governor Parson vetoed in July. He rejected a measure that would’ve established treatment court divisions to handle several categories involving substance, alcohol and mental disorders. In his veto letter of the bill, Parson said it appeared to violate the original purpose and single subject requirements of the Missouri Constitution, noting it contained at least 13 different subjects.

The other vetoed bill that’s up for reconsideration would have required selection of a provider to supply an online-based STEM curriculum. When he rejected the measure, Parson claimed it favored one specific company to be that provider. Missouri Republican House and Senate leaders say they support Governor Parson’s call to have the special and veto session take place at the same time, which will occur the second week of September.

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