Trenton’s economic growth marked by new business openings

Economic Development news graphic
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New businesses have recently opened in Trenton. They include Hostetler’s Market, the Downtown Depot, and the Dollar General Market. A Taco Bell is expected to open this year.

Mayor Jackie Soptic says corporate structures, such as Dollar General and Taco Bell, conduct their own market research and choose locations independently of the city’s influence.



The city does not actively lead in these types of projects but rather reacts to business decisions.

Main Street Trenton aided in establishing the Downtown Depot. Hostetler’s Market was a joint effort involving a real estate agent, an economic development group, and the city, particularly concerning utilities. The city provided incentives to Hostetler’s Market through Trenton Municipal Utilities.

The level of city involvement varies depending on the nature of the business and its consideration of Trenton as a location.




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