New bid to resurface 9th Street in Trenton to include Highway 6 to Interstate 35

9th Street Trenton

Bids are to be open next month on paving projects scheduled this year in Grundy and Daviess County.

Area Engineer Randy Mendenhall of Missouri Department of Transportation reports the Highway 6 resurfacing project through Trenton has been combined with an overlay project on Highways 6 and 69 from 4th street in Trenton – west to Interstate 35 near Winston. The Highway 6 project, described as a “thin lift overlay” extends from 4th street – east to Highway 65 – a distance of one point seven miles. Roadwork from Trenton to I-35 is 34.9 miles. Combined, the projects for bidding purposes will cover a distance of 36.6 miles.

Mendenhall reports construction bids are to be open on February 21st. Bids will be reviewed by the Northwest District Engineer and the project development team.

If everything is found to be in order, Mendenhall said a bid recommendation will be presented for either approval or rejection at the March 4th meeting in Jefferson City for the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission.

When an effort was made last fall to solicit bids on what was then a Trenton-only Highway 6 project, Mendenhall said the only bid submitted cost more than two million dollars; it was rejected at a November highway commission meeting for being too expensive and exceeded an engineers’ estimate of $2,125,897.

Now, the area engineer hopes bids will be more competitive by combining the Trenton resurfacing and sidewalk project with what’s called “pavement preservation treatment” that is proposed from the city limits of Trenton to I-35. That one also includes shoulder rehab and repairs.