Missouri Democrat proposes permit requirement for handguns

Ashley Aune State Representative
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Following the tragic shooting during the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl celebration last week, Representative Ashley Aune, a Democrat from Kansas City, Missouri, has called for the introduction of “commonsense” gun control measures. Aune is advocating for the state of Missouri to implement a requirement that individuals must obtain a permit to carry handguns in public spaces.

Aune, a gun owner who supports the Second Amendment, expressed concern over the current approach to firearm regulation in the state. “I think it’s a dangerous, dangerous way to approach firearms,” Aune remarked. She emphasized the importance of acknowledging the safety and responsibility aspects of firearm ownership.

However, Aune acknowledged the challenges she faces in advancing her proposal within the Republican-dominated legislature. “It just seems like a non-starter in this building,” she said. Aune noted that discussions often shift towards enhancing public safety measures, arming more individuals, or opposing federal red flag laws rather than focusing on permit requirements.

The representative aims to repeal Missouri’s 2017 permitless carry law, which allows individuals to carry firearms without a permit. Aune shared that many gun owners she has spoken with possess a concealed carry permit, which they believe enhances their sense of security. “I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that we allow folks to purchase and walk around our communities with weapons that they are not at all trained to use,” she stated.

Efforts to expand gun rights in the House have included proposals to permit firearms on public transportation and in churches, as well as to exempt guns and ammunition from sales taxes. However, House Majority Leader Jon Patterson, a Republican from Lee’s Summit, indicated that the current moment is not suitable for legislation aimed at expanding gun rights.

(Photo via Ashley Aune Facebook page)

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