St. Louis Circuit Attorney releases previously sealed portions of agreement with Greitens

Eric Greitens

(Missourinet) – The St. Louis Circuit Attorney Wednesday released the full agreement which led to a felony charge being dropped against former Governor Eric Greitens.

Two of the seven conditions in a stipulation for dismissal of a computer tampering charge against Greitens had originally been sealed. Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner’s office told Missourinet Tuesday it was considering its option for releasing the full agreement after confirming the attorney general’s office had said it would be legal to do so.

The two condition that had been sealed were labeled numbers one and seven. Number one stated that Greitens’ defense lawyers acknowledged the state had sufficient evidence to submit a case against him. Number seven stated that number one – the first paragraph – would be sealed and not made public unless defendant Greitens commits a new offense or makes a public comment that conflicts with his attorneys’ admission that the state has sufficient evidence.

The felony charge which accused Greitens of misusing a charity donor list was dropped as part of the agreement that called for Greitens to resign from office. The five other conditions in the Stipulation for Dismissal require concessions from both sides in the case.