Audio: Missouri eliminating approximately 500 state worker jobs

State of Missouri with Flag Background

Missouri is getting rid of about 500 state worker jobs, including 300 filled positions. The Department of Social Services is getting the largest workforce reduction – about 200 middle managers. During a press conference this week, State Budget Director Dan Haug says the coronavirus pandemic has taken a major toll on the state budget.



Haug says the governor is freezing some spending to deal with the revenue shortfall caused by the coronavirus.

“We feel that the amount that we’ve restricted – $448 million – is sufficient to balance the FY21 budget based on our most current projections,” says Haug. “We will monitor revenues throughout the year and if we feel confident that revenues will finish the year above our current projections, we have the ability to release some of these restrictions.”

The largest state budget restriction is more than $123 million in state aid to K-12 public schools. Four-year colleges and universities are getting nearly $28 million withheld. Missouri community colleges are having $18.4 million restricted and $9.4 million in temporary assistance for needy families work programs are also getting a spending freeze.

The governor announced $11 million dollars in vetoes, including $5 million for maintenance of some low-volume highways and $1 million for the Harry Truman Presidential Library and Museum in Independence. Another $267,000 for the Missouri State Public Defender’s Office to hire six more legal assistants has also been vetoed.