April 2, 2019 election results for northern Missouri

Election Results

Linda Crooks will be the next Mayor for the city of Trenton and there will be three new members of the city council to join one who won re-election Tuesday. The Trenton R-9 school levy question received a super majority and passed, and Trenton Township will have a new trustee.

There was a 32% voter turnout across Grundy County with 1,919 of 5,990 registered voters going to the polls. Among city of Trenton voting only, the turnout was 39% with 34 percent of Trenton R-9 school district registered voters going to the polls.

Linda Crooks won all four wards of Trenton and absentees in collecting 802 votes. That’s 59% of the vote to defeat three others including Incumbent Nick McHargue. Voting totals at the end of the night were McHargue 360, Rocky Dunkin 130, and Larry Porter with 60.

Glenn Briggs won re-election to the First Ward City Council defeating Kenneth Weaver 157 to 119. Becoming members of the Trenton City Council are Danny Brewer, Cathie Smith, and John Dolan in the second, third, and fourth wards respectively. Brewer defeated Robert Romesburg 185 to 84, Mrs. Smith defeated Harry Katley 247 to 38 and Dolan defeated Jim Bush 297 to 146 with 51% of fourth Ward voters going to the polls.  In the contest for Trenton Township Trustee, Jack Derry defeated Incumbent Bill Wilson by a vote of 721 to 607.

The Trenton School District question to continue the debt service levy received 71% approval with a final tally of 1,154 yes votes to 462 no votes. Chosen for the Trenton R-9 School Board without opposition were Marcie Cutsinger with 1,273 votes and Dorothy Taul with 1,164.

Laredo school voters renewed the $1.40 cent operating levy by a vote of 102 in favor and 34 opposed. Winning a race for two aldermen at large positions in the town of Laredo were Derek Eckert with 27 and Brett Mathews 23. The town of Laredo voters approved a revenue bond issue 25 to 17.

Among township results, selected as a Wilson Township board member was Adam Cooksey (58) with a tie for the second position was Ronald Owens and Russ Thompson each with 53. Chosen for Franklin Township board members were Martin Chapman (41) and Walter Pickett (25). Road and bridge levies were approved for Jackson, Wilson, Franklin, Jefferson, Madison, Marion, and Myers townships.

Mercer County had just an 11% voter turnout with 226 of 2,062 voters going to the polls. Chosen for Aldermen in Mercer were Zach Allen and David Bagley. The city of Princeton revenue bond question was easily-approved 115 to 4. Tax levy questions passed in eight townships in Mercer County. (7 by shutout; Marion 45 to 6)

In Sullivan County, patrons of both Milan and Green City school district approve levy issues. For Milan C-2, the special 35 cent levy passed 479 to 287 with is 62.5% approval. Green City’s continuation of the debt service levy passed 301 to 16 with 95% approval.

Results from two counties for Browning city officials show that R. Dean Spencer was elected Mayor with Councilman at Large seats going to Chad Gooch (28) and Jackie Flummer (24) Selected to the Linn County R-1 School Board were Shannon Murrell (127) and Daniel Singleton (97).

Winning races for seats on the Chillicothe R-2 Board of Education were Bill Hayen (1,338) and Clint Williams (836) for three-year terms and Brice Walker (1,566) for a one-year unexpired term.

Chillicothe patrons defeated a net increase of 68 cents for the operating levy when the measure received only 35 percent support. The final tally was 751 yes voters and 1,328 voting no.

For the city of Chillicothe races, Theresa Gatson Kelly defeated the incumbent, Reed Dupy, for Mayor (830 to 595). Council races were won by Dennis Albertson Junior in first ward and Michael Smith in the third ward. Taking seats on Livingston County Health Center board were Harry Lockridge and Alvina Ann Benskin.

Southwest R-1 of Ludlow School Board seats were won by Bryce Anderson and Clint Gilliland. There was a 26% voter turnout for Livingston County.

Daviess County had a 14% voter turnout. Winning seats on the Gallatin Board of Education were Jesse Bird and Martin Sweatman. Selected to North Daviess of Jameson school were James Duly and Patty Baker. For seats on Pattonsburg’s School Board, it’s Steven Pankau and Brooke Johnson. In the town of Jamesport, Dana Urton defeated Rick Shepherd Senior for Mayor (37 to 27). Voters defeated the use tax with 29 in favor and 39 against.

Among results in Harrison County, winning seats on the South Harrison of Bethany School Board were C.F. Rainey and Terry Daniel. Chosen for North Harrison of Eagleville School Board were William Briggs and Kris Hamilton. Selected as Mayor of Bethany was Jonne Slemons over incumbent Joe Johnson by a tally of 354 to 120.

Two Aldermen seats at Gilman City go to Jeffrey Wilson and Linda Robertson. Aldermen seats for the village of Eagleville were won by Seth Lane and Cheryl Mossburg-Porter. Eagleville voters approved a sewer system revenue bond issue 32 to 7.

Putnam County voters renew a half-cent sales tax with 75% approval. Selected from a field of seven for two seats on the Putnam R-1 Board of Education were Kelly Busker and Ced Gilworth. It was a 26% turnout in Putnam County.

Linn County voters renewed a half-cent sales tax with 85% support. Meadville patrons gave 91% approval to continue the debt service levy. (150-14) Winning a race for the Brookfield School Board were Jim McIntyre and Galen “Bubby” Hicks. Marceline Board of Education seats goes to Cindy Black Rodgers and Kimberly Corbin for three-year terms and Lex Cavanah for a one-year unexpired term. Marceline voters approved a four cent levy increase for the public library (218-81)

Two issues were approved by voters in Caldwell County on Tuesday. The five cent tax for senior citizens services received 71% approval (802 to 324). The 911 fee for emergency services obtained 62% approval (701 to 423).

Voters in Caldwell and Daviess counties approved both questions pertaining to the Shoal Creek Fire Protection District. (#1 223 to 148 and #2 217 to 155) Five people with the most votes for Shoal Creek Fire Board members were Phil Clevenger, Ernest Lee Burns, Jerald Wiedmier, Nancy Mallory, and Tony Kirkendoll.