Hickory Neighbors United of rural Grundy County: Odor remains an issue with CAFO’s


An attorney for Hickory Neighbors United of rural Grundy County has issued a statement claiming Governor Greitens’ administration is preventing the Missouri Air Conservation Commission from considering requests for air pollution regulations impacting CAFO’s or concentrated animal feeding operations.

The requests, through the filing of several petitions that site health concerns, were submitted in September. In part, they wanted the Air Conservation Commission to amend its current rule on odors and emissions regarding large factory hog and chicken farms in the state.

The petitions wanted the Air Commission to require all CAFO’s to analyze emissions and comply with emission performance standards at their property lines.

Attorney Steve Jeffery, in a written statement, reported the Department of Natural Resources allegedly is denying all relief requested; and will not allow the petitions to make the agenda for a December 7th meeting in Jefferson City.

Tuesday, the attorney accused the DNR of having no legal authority to deny the petitions, that only the Air Conservation Commission can make a determination concerning the petitions including whether to adopt or amend regulations.

Attorney Jeffery reports a request has been made for DNR to place the petitions addressing odor, on that December 7th agenda. In addition Jeffery, the news release also listed as a contact, Jeff Jones of the group known as Friends for Responsible Agriculture.