Scammers at it again in Livingston County

Scam Graphic

Scammers are up to their old tricks again in Livingston County.

Sheriff Steve Cox is reporting that area residents report receiving a retail survey and fraudulent check in the mail. The person is requested to immediately deposit the large check, keep $300 for their personal fee, and spend the specific amount of money at the mentioned retail store and then wire remaining money.

The intended victim is asked to promptly complete a survey, and text or email the information along with a Money Gram reference number and return the remaining money.

The check is a forged document and the entire letter is a scam. These people are merely trying to get our citizens to take part in their fraud and scam them out of money. By the time your bank notifies you the check is bogus you have already wired the criminals your money. Fortunately none of our citizens have reported being an actual crime victim to this scam.

Sheriff Cox is asking anyone who receives one of the documents to destroy the document and check. If you have fallen victim to this or other scams, please take all information and report to your local law enforcement agency.

Randall Mann

Randall has been with KTTN/KGOZ for almost 20 years. He is the current Engineer for all of the stations, as well as working "on-air" from 6 to 10, am in the morning. Randall does a bit of everything including producing advertisements as well as writing the occasional news article. Randall is also the current Webmaster for the studio as well as the local graphic artist.

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