Trenton police issue citation after accident involving big-rig on 9th Street

18-Wheel truck big rig

Trenton police report one person was taken to the hospital after her car was hit by a large truck while both were traveling East 9th Street in Trenton.

A police report shows that one driver, 58-year-old Gwen Marie Courtney of 310 East 7th at Trenton, received possible injuries and was taken by emergency medical services to Wright Memorial Hospital. The Trenton fire department used its extrication equipment to remove Ms. Courtney from the damaged car.

According to police, Ms. Courtney was eastbound; a tractor-trailer was westbound. The truck was driven by 62-year-old Charles Cook Junior of Kansas City.

The reported noted the truck veered from its westbound lane, crossed the center turn lane, and struck the driver’s side of the car. Cook, the truck driver, was quoted by police as saying a dog had jumped onto his arms causing him to lose control and allow the truck to hit the side of the car. Damage was listed as extensive to the car and minor for the truck.

Trenton police issued a citation to Charles Cook Junior accusing him of failure to drive on the right half of the road.

The accident occurred just after 4 o’clock Monday morning on 9th Street near Shanklin Avenue.