Trenton Utility Committee to recommend the purchase of lights and poles for Highway 6 installation west of Trenton

Trenton Utility Committee

Trenton’s Utility Committee is recommending the Trenton City Council proceed with purchasing metal poles and lights along Highway 6 at the west edge of Trenton.

Committee members discussed the street lights issue following the initial inquiry of Councilman Danny Brewer. Brewer described it as a safety issue due to how dark that area is at night in the vicinity of the new Dollar General store. City Administrator Ron Urton reported there could be three or four poles installed. The cost of five poles, including one for a spare, plus lights and materials could be up to $20,000. Now it’ll be up to the city council to decide on the unbudgeted expense.

Two other agenda topics were discussed with the Utility committee requesting more information.

One involved the construction of a building west of the TMU electric distribution warehouse which is at 26th and Oklahoma Avenue. Urton said officials would like to consolidate water and sewer system equipment and supplies at an interior location. One quote on the cost of a building came in over the anticipated cost.

Also discussed were options on possible improvements to the sewer lift stations on Pleasant Plain and Pauper Grade Road. Additional information is to include estimated costs on various options that are being explored. An unknown factor is whether that area of northern Missouri will see the future development of business and/or industry. If lift station improvements are done, it’s expected to be a multi-year project.

Trenton Municipal Utility department head reports were provided by Kenny Ricketts, Bob Hutchinson, Brad Griffin, and Steve Reid. The TMU Comptroller reviewed the financial report for July involving electric, water, and sewer funds.

The water and sewer rate increases for Trenton customers are taking effect this month with the usage reflected on bills received in September.

At a city council meeting in late June, the council approved, on a split vote, a five-year plan to gradually raise rates. The first year will see water rates go up by six and a half percent and sewer rates increase by three percent. Increases were described as needed mostly due to inflation and to help TMU pay long-term debts in the two departments due to past improvements made.

Utility Director Ron Urton, in his report, said TMU is waiting on getting a spreadsheet to show how the EPA will want an inventory of the lead service lines. It will be a mandated expense. The inventory is due in two years, in October 2024.

Urton also shared a concern that the Missouri Department of Natural Resources is coming out with new requirements on phosphorus regulations. According to Urton, preliminary investigation indicates the wastewater treatment plant may have difficulty in meeting those requirements. TMU will continue to monitor as the issue moves forward. Other concerns include rising prices for materials and long lead times for materials and parts.

The 21-inch sewer lining project is to be completed in several locations this week or next. Phase two involves sewer lining from 16th street to the south end of the airport.