Trenton Park Board meets, readies for aquatic center’s opening day

The Trenton Family Aquatic Center will open for the summer season on Saturday, May 28th, with admission prices remaining the same as a year ago.  Alexis Whitney will remain the Pool Manager, with Jessi Westcott serving as Assistant Manager for 2016.  The number of lifeguards will “be about the same as last year”, although the specific number was not specified at Wednesday night’s Trenton Park Board meeting.

The board has approved a bid received for two mowers, at a cost totaling nearly $26,000.  The bid from Landmark Lawn Equipment LLC of Trenton matched what the Park Board had budgeted for the purchase.  The mowers are Dixie Choppers.  

Approval of a bid for a handicapped accessible water fountain was on this week’s agenda, but that topic was tabled in order to do additional shopping. Plans are for the fountain to be placed at the aquatic center.  

In April, the Park Board approved a $0.25 an hour increase in compensation for returning part-time personnel and returning lifeguards.  Since then, three other people in those positions have decided to return, and were given the $0.25/hour pay increase as well.  Compensation will be increased for Board Secretary Vicki Weaver by $5.00 per meeting, raising her pay to $40.00 per meeting. Repairs to Eastside Park’s multi-purpose trail are expected to be done towards the end of the summer.  Ten thousand dollars has been transferred to the Trenton Street Department for the work.  Additional funds will be transferred when the work is completed.  

The disc golf course installation work at Moberly Park will begin after utility locations are marked.  The new course will have more room after the recent clearance of a walking trail used several years ago.  

Restroom renovations at the Rock Barn are now finished, with Wednesday night’s meeting held inside the Rock Barn, giving members the opportunity to view the completed work.  Board President Duane Helmandollar recognized the McHargue family and Ed Arnold for donating to the project, which had $7,800 in material costs, and commended park personnel for “a wonderful job”.  

Board member (and Tree Board member) Gary Schuett discussed plans to work with the Missouri Department of Conservation on tree planning, including determining which trees should be removed and where to plant new trees.  Grant money is expected to be sought for this tree project, with much of the work expected to be in Moberly Park.  The planning will take place after the disc golf course installation at the park.  

Schuett recognized Bill Bear of Rosemary Hill Tree Farm (west of Trenton) for donating a swamp white oak tree that was recently planted at Moberly Park. Cost estimates are expected to be sought to replace an aging basketball court fence, described as “in poor shape” at Moberly Park.  

Superintendent Jason Shuler reported that materials are available to replace light switching at Mark Griffin Memorial Field.  Those switches will be installed this week.  Metal will be installed for the Shop Building addition as time permits.  The public is being asked to report any suspicious activity near Trenton Park Department restrooms, after a recent spike in vandalisms, including “rocks being put in stools”.  It was noted the clean-up work costs the Park Department in labor time.  Discussion was also held regarding discarded items from Rock Barn auctions.  It is anticipated that the topic will be discussed further in the future.  









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