Chillicothe City Council OK’s plans for LifeFlight Eagle hangar at airport

Life Flight Eagle Helicopter

The Chillicothe City Council has approved an ordinance authorizing a lease with LifeFlight Eagles for a hangar to be constructed at the Chillicothe Airport.  The hangar will be built on the southwest edge of the airport’s land, and will include living and office space. The property is the City of Chillicothe’s single-tenant real property development, known as the “LifeFlight Eagle Hangar”.

There is a 15 year lease, subject to extension or renewal.  The base rent is $2,500 a month for the first 5 years, $2,750 a month for the second 5 years, and $3,025 a month for the final 5 years of the initial term of the lease.  

The city and LifeFlight are to agree on plans for the building.  Construction is planned following receipt of bids from contractors acceptable to the parties.  The city will be responsible for the building’s construction and improvements.  There are no real estate taxes since the building will be owned by the City of Chillicothe.  However, LifeFlight will be responsible for personal property taxes. LifeFlight also is responsible for utility payments, commercial general liability insurance, and personal property insurance.  

In March, LifeFlight announced plans to move its medical helicopter base from Trenton to Chillicothe.




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