Trenton Building and Nuisance board discusses budgeting for demolition of structures

City of Trenton

Trenton’s Building and Nuisance board will leave it to the city council to decide how to spend the rest of the money allocation this fiscal year for demolition work.

That followed discussion last evening in which bids on asbestos removal and disposal exceeded the amount of local funds budgeted. Building Inspector Donnie Vandevender noted $9,739 in city funds has been obligated for tearing down five structures on a shared basis with those property owners.

That leaves just over $10,000 in budgeted money for demolishing five residential and one business property plus costs of asbestos abatement. Forefront Environmental had the low asbestos abatement bid of $22,225.

Vandevender presented a couple scenarios to the building board. One is $10, 775 for one demolition and asbestos abatement at 501 Main Street, If done, it would exceed the councils’ budget by $514. The other involves tearing down two structures, plus asbestos or lead paint abatement: 507 Main Street and at 702 East 5th Street. Together, these cost $9,000 which – with money already earmarked on other demolitions – leaves the city $1,200 under budget.

The matter is to be on the February 13th city council agenda.

The board declared a nuisance for a vacant house at 416 West 13th Court.

Updates were given on work being done at five other locations of concern: 1310 East 8 Street, 1719 Oak, 817 East 19, 2323 Webster, and 1323 Merrill – all in Trenton.