Property Deception: Two residents of Coffey attempt to illegally secure $400,000 home

Charges Filed news graphic

Two Coffey residents face a felony charge after they allegedly tried to file a deed of release by deceit last week.

Rebekkah Vielbaum and Mary Noppers have each been charged with filing false documents involving a first offense. Bond was set at $10,000 cash only for each.

Probable cause statements accuse Vielbaum of trying to file a deed of release on June 1st for a property she and her husband had been attempting to purchase. The deed of release would have released the property to her and her husband. It was intended to be filed through the recorder’s office by the escrow company after they paid off the property. The recorder reportedly told Vielbaum the deed of release could not be recorded because it was not an original document.

A probable cause statement says that Noppers attempted to file a dead of release on the property, as she and her husband had been living there with her daughter, Vielbaum, and son-in-law.

The property is valued at more than $400,000 and is in the foreclosure process.