Missouri State Highway Patrol completes 2023 annual school bus inspections

Yellow School Bus Fleet (Licensed Via Envato Elements)

Missouri State Highway Patrol, announces the results of the Driver and Vehicle Safety Division’s 2023 annual school bus inspection program.

Missouri’s 2023 school bus inspection results are as follows:

School buses rated as “approved” upon initial inspection — 9,995
School buses rated as “defective” upon initial inspection — 1,088
School buses rated as “out-of-service” upon initial inspection — 381

Buses with identified defective components require repair within 10 days. Buses placed out-of-service require correction of the component(s), reinspection, and a return to service by Patrol personnel before further usage in transporting passengers.

A total of 256 Missouri school districts earned the Patrol’s Total Fleet Excellence award for 2023. During the 2023-2024 school year, 4,769 buses in these award-winning fleets are eligible to display the Patrol’s Total Fleet Excellence sticker in the lower corner of the first window on the passenger entry side of the bus.

“Everyone wants to keep our children safe as they travel to and from school. To that end, the Missouri State Highway Patrol personnel, in partnership with pupil transportation professionals statewide, inspected 11,464 school buses in accordance with Missouri revised state statutes,” said Colonel Olson.

The complete list of school districts and their results are listed below, or, you may click on this link, and open the report in a new browser window.

[embedpress_pdf] https://www.kttn.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/2023-Annual-School-Bus-Inspection-Results.pdf[/embedpress_pdf]