LifeFlight Helicopter parked at THS until Tuesday due to technical issue

Life Flight

One of the LifeFlight Eagle medical helicopters was parked overnight in front of Trenton High School and will likely be there until early Tuesday afternoon.  That’s according to Director of Business Development Matt Daugherty.

When it landed at the high school Monday to participate in the mock crash/docudrama, the pilot got a warning light, not unlike a car might.  Everyone was safe and everything seemed to be operating normally, but officials never take any chances.  The pilot shut the aircraft down and it will stay grounded until mechanics can clear the issue.

They are going through rigorous diagnostics to evaluate the problem, and it appears as though it was just a faulty sensor. Lifefight will have a new sensor brought up overnight Monday from Lafayette, La., Once it arrives, it will take a few hours to install and test. In the meantime, our pilot and crew are moving into a backup helicopter so that Lifeflight is prepared to answer an emergency call if needed.