Laredo Board of Education approves free and reduced lunch eligibility guidelines

Laredo R-7 School

The Laredo R-7 Board of Education approved the tax rate on August 8th. It was rolled back 14.32 cents to $5.85.

The board approved bus routes and continued to allow children within one mile to be picked up. The implementation of a late start schedule was also approved.

Free and reduced lunch eligibility criteria guidelines were approved.

An I-Ready summer incentive field trip was approved. A school representative reports the field trip will be on August 30th, but the location is a surprise.

Other items approved were the Annual Secretary of the Board Report and the Special Education Compliance Plan.

An open house and Bus Driver Charlie Bowe’s retirement and card shower will be held on August 22nd from 6 to 7 p.m.

The board went into an executive session for legal, personnel, student information, personnel records, and confidential records. No announcement was made.