Gallatin Board of Aldermen review investments while tackling a busy agenda

Gallatin City Hall

The Gallatin Board of Aldermen took action on various matters Monday evening.

Certificate of deposit rates from Farmers Bank of Northern Missouri and BTC Bank were reviewed. The board approved cashing out the sales tax CD that matures January 27th for $65,199.06 and purchasing a 36-month CD at the highest interest rate between Farmers and BTC.  There was a discussion on the options for the $700,000 water/sewer CDs that were cashed out in December. Alderman Steve Evans moved to approve $350,000 in a 12-month CD, $250,000 in a six-month CD and keeping $100,000 available for engineering costs for the sewer plant. The motion died for lack of a second.

The board approved purchasing one wireless headset with a lifter from Green Hills Communication for $213.33.

The cleaning extension bid for the City of Gallatin with Tory Wood was reviewed and approved. The extension to the current contract includes cleaning City Hall monthly at $60 for the initial cleaning and $30 per month.

A resolution was approved amending the fiscal year 2019 budget to recognize additional expenditures and/or revenues and unexpected expenses and/or revenues that occurred after the final meeting of 2019 held December 23rd.

An ordinance was also approved authorizing the mayor to sign and execute a lease agreement with Marilyn Demke.

The board agreed to allow one of the Holiday Lighting Contest winners to donate the $75 electric bill credit received to another Gallatin resident who participated in the contest.

Mayor Barb Ballew led a discussion on the vacant board position for East Ward alderman as well as the appointment of board president. City Administrator Lance Rains is to submit an ad in the newspaper announcing the vacant position and extending an invitation to any resident of the East Ward of Gallatin to complete the required documentation for consideration of appointment.

Rains provided several updates and plans to draft an agenda for the business presentations on entrepreneurship and community growth for Calico Rock. The Interfund Transfer Resolution is in draft form, but discussion with the United States Department of Agriculture is ongoing.

The Small Community Engineering Assistance Program Grant has been submitted, and Gallatin is waiting for an update. The amount of the State Emergency Management Agency/Federal Emergency Management Agency Clarifier Grant has been increased from $129,000 to $210,000. The Well Number Four Settlement has been finalized, and the 2014-2016 recycling grant program for recycling bins has been approved. Gallatin is waiting for checks to arrive for the settlement and recycling grant.

Public Works Director Mark Morey presented vacuum trailer bids. The board requested Ditch Witch provide a demo trailer before purchasing. Ditch Witch had the lowest bid of $48,601.57. Other companies bidding were Vector Technologies, Vermeer Great Plains, and Vermeer High Plains. The other bids ranged from $54,750 (Vermeer Great Plains) to $114,000 (Vector Technologies).

The reimbursement check was received for the expense of the lost carbon dioxide at the new water plant. Morey reported FTC Equipment responded to a pump problem at the water plant when a power cable wound up around the pump and locked it.

Morey received a letter of warning from the Department of Natural Resources regarding the flooding problems last summer and the ultraviolet problems from a manufacturer defect. Water crews repaired a water leak on Ash Street and Market Street.

Fletcher-Reinhardt requested an adequate supply of LED street lights to be stored in the warehouse to help avoid the back order Gallatin experienced.

Morey reported the ice and snow caused two electric poles to break that supported two service lines, but no other major problems were reported. An electric pole broke on

Ogden Street last week due to high winds, but only one customer was impacted. The new snowplow was installed on the 2019 F250, and Morey said it worked well during the snowstorm.

Police Chief Mark Richards reported the department received several calls regarding tree limbs on power lines and roadways during the ice and snowstorm. The department also responded to a semi-truck that got stuck on two concrete posts by Dungy’s. No injuries were reported relating to the ice or snow.

Ballew presented a proclamation to Nancy Tate and Aaron Tate recognizing Phil Tate as an outstanding citizen of Gallatin. He died in December. Ballew expressed the city’s thanks and appreciation for Phil Tate’s years of service as an interim City Administrator and advocate for Gallatin.