Audio: Memorial Day ceremony recounts Grundy County’s military history, and silent victors of WWI

Memorial Day - Remember and Honor News Graphic
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The history of Grundy County military was presented during a Memorial Day ceremony in front of the Baker School in Trenton on May 27th. Veterans who lost their lives in World War 1 were also honored.

Trenton VFW Post 919 Commander Tony Ralston said there has been a military in Trenton since before World War 1.



The Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Arch at Moberly Park in Trenton was dedicated in 1920. It was inscribed to Grundy County’s silent victors of 1917 and 1918 and is a government monument that was built by Grundy County.

A sealed box was embedded in the concrete below the arch with the life stories of the Grundy County men killed in World War 1. Elm trees were also planted to honor the men, but the trees are no longer there.

The Memorial Arch was rededicated in 1990 to honor all veterans of World War 1, World War 2, and the Korean and Vietnam wars.

VFW Post Quartermaster Sam Smith reported 28 Grundy County men lost their lives in World War 1. Eleven were killed in action, and 17 died due to illness and disease.



Company D was organized in Grundy County and participated in a battle in Aragon, France from September to October 1918, Grundy County men died. Smith added that four more men were killed in action in France.



The United States flag in front of the Baker School was at half mast the morning of May 27th. Ralston explained the flag was like that to honor fallen comrades of the past. The flag was to be raised in the afternoon to honor all veterans.

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