24 make up Leadership Northwest Missouri class of 2023

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Twenty-four women and men make up the 2023 class of Leadership Northwest Missouri, an annual series of sessions that bring together existing and emerging leaders from throughout a 19-county region to discover and sharpen their leadership skills, explore regional issues, and build a network of contacts throughout Northwest Missouri.

Leadership Northwest Missouri Class of 2023
Leadership Northwest Missouri Class of 2023

The 2023 class began with a two-day retreat, January 18 and 19, at Conception Abbey. The participants will gather monthly for day-long sessions in varied locations throughout the region. The series concludes with a July 13 graduation celebration in Hamilton, Missouri.

Members of the 2023 class and the 14 counties they represent are Jenna Keyes, Andrew County; Brooke Vette, Melissa Williamson, Kamron Woodring, Atchison County; Alexander Murray, Carrie Watkins, April Wood, Buchanan County; Dr. John Nab, Caldwell County; Jeffrey Martin, Carroll County; Chad Howerton, Clinton County; RaCail King, Daviess County; Laura Almquist, Shawna Dye, Gentry County; Cole Soptic, Becky Vandevender, Grundy County; Sarah Williamson, Harrison County; Lee Ann Blazer, Adam Summers, Holt County; Kerry Savage, Livingston County; Lisa Colson, Mercer County; DeAnn Davison, Kelsi Meyer, Ian Myers, Dr. Machelle Skinner, Nodaway County.

Leadership Northwest Missouri has become the catalyst for identifying, training, and connecting the leaders of our region and is a pathway for effective leadership for generations to come. There is a deliberate focus on fostering a sense of ownership for the region – that we have interdependent roles and we depend on each other for the progress and success of Northwest Missouri.