Wright Memorial Hospital earns five-star rating from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Wright Memorial Hospital

Wright Memorial Hospital in Trenton is the only critical access hospital in the state of Missouri to receive a five-star rating from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The new ratings were released by CMS on April 28. There are 35 critical access hospitals in Missouri. The rating also places Wright Memorial in the top 13% of all hospitals nationwide.

“We work extremely hard at Wright Memorial to ensure our patients receive the highest level of care. This rating is very significant for our staff, patients, and the community,” said Steve Schieber, CEO, Wright Memorial Hospital. “The five-star rating validates our hard work and dedication to our patients. I’m incredibly proud of the staff for their commitment to excellence and for prioritizing consistent, high-quality care.”

The hospital was given a five-star rating based on three core measure groups: mortality, readmissions, and timely and effective care.

In the past few years, WMH leadership implemented several critical changes believed to have contributed to the five-star rating, including the alignment of the Saint Luke’s Physician Group (SLPG) Hospitalist team and the sharing of providers between WMH and Hedrick Medical Center, which received four stars. One core focus area for the team is reducing hospital readmissions, and the SLPG Hospitalist team meets monthly to review key measures. As part of that effort, the Readmission Review team partners with the patient’s entire care team to reduce re-admissions and implement any performance improvements indicated.

“I believe these efforts, along with the creation of our Transition of Care team, are primary reasons Wright Memorial received this significant rating,” said Schieber. “The Transition of Care team focuses on making sure patients and their caregivers are prepared for success when the patient is discharged and returns home. This includes ensuring they have all the necessary information, equipment, medication, and access to their care team. These steps, coupled with care team rounds which include the patient, their caregiver, and the hospitalist team, have helped ensure our patients have everything they need to continue their recovery at home successfully.”

Of the 3,355 hospitals evaluated by CMS, only 455 received five stars. Seven hospitals in Missouri received five stars, including Saint Luke’s East Hospital, in addition to Wright Memorial. Saint Luke’s South Hospital received five stars on the Kansas side. There were no critical access hospitals in Kansas or Nebraska that earned a five-star rating.

The national average is three out of five stars. CMS created the Overall Hospital Quality Star Rating Program to help consumers, their families, and caregivers compare hospitals more easily. Hospital ratings can be compared on the Medicare website.


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