Wright Memorial Hospital Chief Executive Officer issues statement on rally protesting COVID-19 vaccination mandate

Steve Schieber on Wright Memorial Background

Wright Memorial Hospital Chief Executive Officer Steve Scheiber issued a statement this morning in response to the local rally that will be held today from noon to 1 o’clock.  Rally participants are to park across the street from the hospital campus, on the Red Barn property in Trenton.  The rally itself will take place at the hospital entrance, which organizers say is designed to show support for personal choice regarding whether to receive a COVID-19 vaccine injection.

St. Luke’s Health System last week announced a vaccine mandate for all employees and placed an October 30, 2021, deadline on becoming vaccinated.

In quoting today from the written statement, Scheiber called “it a heartfelt decision that was made intended solely to protect patients, employees, and the community, and to keep them healthy and safe.” Schieber added in the statement that “he’s seen far too much death from COVID, including residents of the critical access regions and surrounding areas, and there’s seemingly no end in sight.”

As a health care provider, Scheiber stated, “We must do all we can to end the pandemic. That remains our singular focus.”

The statement from the hospital chief executive concluded by calling this “truly about keeping patients, neighbors, and friends safe. “And though some may object, he wrote he’s been “encouraged by the many who have thanked hospital officials for taking this action knowing it will save lives.”