Wright Memorial Hospital announces 2019 Angel Award winners

Edyie and Ellie

Wright Memorial Hospital celebrated Saint Luke’s Day.

The origins of the faith-based Saint Luke’s Health System began with the founding of Saint Luke’s Hospital by the Episcopal Church. The Church named the hospital after Saint Luke, author of the Gospel of Luke in the New Testament of the Bible, who was also a physician and a messenger of faith. In his Gospel, he emphasized Christ as a healer of the sick and full of compassion. Saint Luke is honored annually in October during Saint Luke’s Day. 

As part of that celebration, WMH recognized two employees who add value to the work environment and demonstrate the virtues of spirituality, integrity, and compassion in their work in the healing ministry of Saint Luke’s Health System. The Angel Award is given to individuals who mirror these virtues.

The 2019 recipients were: Elle Harris and Edyie Kispert.

Elle Harris

Elle has been employed at Wright Memorial Physicians’ Group as an advanced practice provider for five years. In her nomination submission, it was stated that “Elle has a sweet spirit, and is kind and compassionate to everyone. She takes time to listen to patients and co-workers, prays for them, and truly cares about their spiritual wellness as well as their health. Her empathy, concern, compassion, and courage are exactly the qualities our hospital should represent. These are the qualities of an angel.” 

Edyie Kispert

Edyie works as a medical office specialist at Wright Memorial Physicians’ Group and has been employed for 16 years. In her nomination submission, it was stated that “Edyie is very honest, helpful, and excellent at her job. She is dependable, has a strong work ethic, and is always willing to go the extra mile to help others. Edyie is very active on the Celebration Committee for the Wright Memorial Physicians’ Group and is known for often giving cards to her co-workers. She is usually the one that takes time out of her day to make sure there is a stone or floral arrangement at a funeral service for a co-worker who has lost a loved one. Edyie is a true angel and very deserving of this award.”