Wright Memorial Hospital and Hedrick Medical Center revise visitor guidelines

Wright Memorial Hospital

Saint Luke’s top priority is to care for patients and staff and keep everyone as healthy as possible. As the continued spread of COVID-19 has slightly declined in the region, Hedrick Medical Center and Wright Memorial Hospital have revised their visitor guidelines to allow level 4 visitation, starting February 4.

Hedrick and Wright Memorial were previously at a ‘Level 5 Restricted’, which restricted all visitors. Should cases begin rising again, they will reinstate Level 5 restrictions.

Level 4 Restricted visitor guidelines restrict visitors to one visitor per patient per day, no visitor re-entry, and no visitors under the age of 14. Masks are always required to be worn by the visitors, even in the patient rooms.  

No visitors will be allowed in the Emergency Departments. Exceptions to this restriction will be made for patients under 18 or for patients who are cognitively impaired.

Although we are now allowing limited visitation, we’re still taking extra precautions with the safety of patients, visitors, and staff in mind with mandatory masking and screening upon arrival. For more general visitor information, please read our Saint Luke’s Visitor Guidelines