Wright Memorial, Hedrick Medical Center report more than 1000 tested at all locations

Coronavirus News Graphic

More than one thousand people have received COVID-19 testing through Hedrick Medical Center and Wright Memorial Hospital using current criteria to be tested.

The combined total of 1,071 tests includes 295 with Wright Memorial and 776 with Hedrick Medical Center. The combined total is an increase of 139 from the figures reported last Tuesday morning.

Wright Memorial has tested 295 including 209 from Grundy County, 48 from Mercer county, and 38 from other counties. Hedrick has tested 776 including 455 from Livingston County, 115 from Grundy County, 22 from Mercer County, and 184 from other counties.

No results were provided regarding COVID-19 testing as that aspect of testing is the responsibility of local county health departments.