Wright Memorial and Hedrick Medical Center report COVID-19 testing tops 1800 individuals

Coronavirus News Graphic

Testing for COVID-19 now tops 1,800 individuals through the efforts of hospitals in Chillicothe and Trenton.

That’s an increase of 190 tests during the past week. As of Monday morning, Wright Memorial has tested 508 including 355 from Grundy County, 89 from Mercer County, and 64 from other counties.

Hedrick Medical Center has tested 1,298 people including 756 Livingston County residents, 193 from Grundy County, 41 from Mercer County, and 308 from other counties.

Combined that’s a total of 1,806 tests administered for COVID-19. The results of the tests are not provided by the hospitals. Drive through testing, with a provider’s order, is available weekdays at Green Hills Medical Clinic in Trenton and former Washington Street Food and Drink in Chillicothe.

As of Monday, June 29, 2020, Grundy County Health Department reports 19 people have tested positive for COVID-19. The health department noted five are active within the isolation period or still experiencing symptoms.

For the entire state, the past week (since June 21) has seen a 14 percent increase in positive COVID-19 cases for Missouri. That number as of Sunday afternoon had reached 20, 575 since testing began. Over the past ten days, Grundy county has seen seven additional COVID-19 cases.