Work to resume on 17th Street Bridge in Trenton

17th Street Bridge

Boone Construction Company of Columbia has advised it is proceeding with work on the west foundation of the 17th Street Bridge following soil borings taken on both sides of the railroad track last week.  According to City Administrator Ron Urton says the contractor is submitting paperwork to the Union Pacific Railroad for approval to begin work.

The borings were done in regard to rip-rap discovered by the contractor during excavation for bridge foundations in July. Work has been stopped on the bridge since July.

Boone Construction has not advised of its work plan for the east foundation, a completion date, or reopening of the 17th Street Bridge, however, Urton notes the city hopes to get work completed per the contract.

The City of Trenton does not expect there to be any additional project costs but does plan to recoup liquidated damages from Boone Construction for any late completion per the contract the city signed with the contractor.