Work on bridge replacement projects in Adair County to be completed by fall

Bridge Work

The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission awarded two projects for bridge replacements in Adair County.  

One project is on Missouri Route 11 over Steer Creek, located 4.7 miles east of U.S. Route 63 near Kirksville. The other project is Missouri Route 149 over Shuteye Creek, located 3 miles south of Adair County Route D near Connelsville. Widel, Inc., of Blackwater, Missouri, was awarded the projects for $1,147,941.96.

“Both of these bridges are currently striped as one lane,” said Missouri Department of Transportation Area Engineer Amy Crawford. “Once both of these bridges are complete, they will be wider and have two-foot shoulders while allowing two-lane traffic to cross,” she added.

Once replaced, Steer Creek will be 26 feet wide, and Shuteye Creek will be 24 feet wide.

The work on these bridges could begin as early as this summer and should be completed by fall.