Woman charged with murder in Livingston County, faces additional murder charge in connection with another patient

Jennifer Anne Hall wanted photo
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A woman previously charged with first-degree murder in connection with a hospital patient’s death faces another charge of first-degree murder in connection with another patient.

The new charge for 42-year-old Jennifer Anne Hall was filed in Livingston County and stems from March 21st, 2002.

A probable cause statement accuses Hall of causing the death of 37-year-old David Wesley Harper who was admitted to the Hedrick Medical Center for bronchitis. He reportedly could have been discharged two days after admittance because his condition had improved, however, the probable cause statement says his physician asked him to remain in the hospital an additional night, so the use of a C-PAP or Bi-PAP device could be assessed. Hall was the respiratory therapist tasked with assessing Harper’s tolerance for the devices.

Hospital records show Harper could not tolerate the use of a C-PAP mask. He stayed another night, so his tolerance for a Bi-PAP device could be assessed.

A comparison of Harper’s integrated medical record and Hall’s Bi-PAP flow sheet dated March 21st, 2002 indicated Hall did not record her presence with Harper two times on the integrated medical record. The information recorded by Hall on a Bi-PAP flow sheet shows she was with Harper two times during the last 25 minutes of his life. The final entry recorded Harper’s dying vital signs and noted he did not have apnea.

The probable cause statement notes Hall’s prior employment with Cass County Regional Medical Center was terminated when it was discovered she falsified medical records.

After attempts to resuscitate Harper, a vial of succinylcholine was reportedly found in Hall’s pocket. Hall was not certified to administer the drug. Medical records show the drug was not used during the attempt to resuscitate Harper. The drug is said to paralyze someone’s muscles, including the diaphragm, causing the person to suffer death from suffocation.

The drug was also previously identified as causing the death of Fern Franco on May 18th, 2002. Hall was placed on administrative leave from Hedrick Medical Center after Franco’s death.

In the case related to Franco’s death, a jury trial has been scheduled for Hall in Clinton County from May 15th through 19th. A pretrial conference is scheduled for April 4th.

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