Winners announced in shooting sports competition at Livingston County Fair

Shooting Sports Competition (target)

Among the winners of the shooting sports contests held during the Livingston County Fair near Chillicothe.


Compound Fingers-Junior Division

1-Leon Nickell

2nd Braden Stimpson

3rd- Andrew Schreiner

Compound Fingers-Intermediate Division

1st- Bo Meeker

Compound Release -Junior Division

1st-Harrison Costner

2nd- Colton Carr

3rd- Daniel Perry

Compound Release – Intermediate Division

1- Milo Costner

2- Sam Rodenberg

3- Abby Jones

Compound Release – Senior Divison

1-Allen Carter

2- Keagen Valbracht

3- Jaclyn Hines


Senior Divison

1- Keagen Valbracht

2- Ethan Gabrielson

Western Heritage

Senior Divison

1- Keagen Valbracht

2- Ethan Gabrielson

Intermediate Divison

1. Bo Meeker

Small-bore .22

Junior Division

1- Jackson Shafer

2- Gregory Couch

3- Hyun Sang Lee

Intermediate Division

1-Abby Jones

2- Jasper Jones

3- Maggie Horton


Trap Singles-Intermediate division

1- Ethan Davis

2-Milo Costner

3- Bryce Dominique

Trap Singles-Senior Division

1- Mack Anderson

2- Porter Ficken

3-Trent Norman

Trap Doubles-Intermediate division

1-Ethan Davis

2-Bryce Dominique

Trap Doubles- Senior division

1-Mack Anderson

2-Peyton Hein

3- Morgan Anderson

Skeet-Intermediate division

1-Bryce Dominique

Skeet- Senior Division

1-Peyton Hein

2-Ethan Gabreilson

3-Clayton Walker