Weather Summary: Trenton ends October 9.11 inches below rainfall average

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Trenton’s October temperatures averaged above normal, despite the month’s chilly conclusion. The combined highs were marginally above average by half a degree, while the combined lows were notably higher, averaging 3.2 degrees above the norm.

The highs for the month averaged 66.5 degrees, with the lows averaging 48.6 degrees. The month began with a record high of 92 degrees on October 1st. However, it ended on a colder note with highs of 39 degrees at KTTN and 38 degrees at the Barton Farm Campus on October 31st. Similarly, on October 29th, both KTTN and the Water Plant recorded highs of 38 degrees, while the Barton Farm Campus was slightly colder at 37 degrees. The coldest temperature Trenton witnessed last month was 26 degrees on the morning of October 30th at the Water Plant. For context, the typical high for this date is 59 degrees, and the normal low is 41 degrees.

Regarding precipitation, Trenton received varied amounts across different locations. The Water Plant recorded 2.22 inches, the Barton Farm Campus had 2.03 inches, Grundy County Emergency Management Director Glen Briggs’ residence on East 5th Street received 1.60 inches, and KTTN in downtown Trenton measured 1.43 inches.

Interestingly, Trenton has seen below-average precipitation in seven of the past eight months. The only exception was August, which had a rainfall of 7.58 inches, 3.06 inches above the average for that month. The year began with above-average precipitation in January and February. However, the total precipitation for the year in Trenton stands at 26.14 inches, which is 9.11 inches below the average up to the end of October.

The National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center had predicted above-average temperatures for Trenton in October, which proved accurate. Their forecast for precipitation was more open-ended, suggesting it could be above, below, or near normal. As it turned out, precipitation was below average. The outlook for November remains neutral, with equal chances for temperatures and precipitation to be above, below, or near the norm.

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