Water rates main topic of Gallatin Board of Aldermen

Daviess County Courthouse

The Gallatin Board of Aldermen this week continued discussion related to plans to construct a water plant pending additional funding being secured.

The board approved an ordinance to amend water rates to meet U.S. Department of Agriculture funding requirements.

The rates are $33.25 cents for the first one thousand gallons and $7.25 for usage per month in excess of one thousand gallons.

The ordinance is effective with October usage and reflected on December 1st bills.

Public Water Supply District Two board members spoke in regards to an updated contract from the city to increase rates and add a minimum purchase requirement.

The public water supply district representatives will need to review the contract before holding another meeting with the city. It was stated water rate increases for Gallatin residents and public water supply district two were calculated by engineers based on project costs and the repayment of bonds.

A special meeting to complete the bond closing process is September 7th. The city of Gallatin is requesting the water district move quickly to ensure a contract is signed before September 7th.

The board set the property tax rate at nearly 63 cents on the $100 of assessed valuation for the general fund, slightly over 22 cents for Parks and Recreation, and two cents on the $100 dollars of assessed valuation for the band fund. Combined, that’s nearly 87 cents on the $100 assessed valuation.

Gallatin aldermen appointed Julia Filley as the city prosecutor at $100 an hour.

Aldermen approved the park board’s recommended appointment of Justin Harlow to the park board.

Aldermen tabled acceptance of a 2015 audit and requested certified public accountant John Gillum attend the next meeting to answer questions regarding the audit.

The board reviewed an ordinance to amend city code related to alcohol and discussed adding restrictions on specific community events that would not be allowed to hold beer gardens.

On another alcohol topic, City Attorney Robert Cowherd said the city can legally charge one-and-one-half times the state fee for liquor licenses. Gallatin aldermen requested a list of state and county liquor license fees be presented at the next meeting.

There was continued discussion regarding the Cupola Building and efforts to obtain funding to make repairs.