Watch the Missouri Day Parade live on KTTN-TV

2016 Missouri Day Parade

The Missouri Day Parade in Trenton is an annual tradition that begins on Main Street at approximately 8:30 am Saturday morning.  As the parade turns left onto 9th Street participants will be greeted by thousands of onlookers.

KTTN Radio in conjunction with PDQ Cleaning of Trenton brings you live video of the parade as it happens.  Join John Anthony and Randall Mann for live commentary as the parade passes by Citizens Bank near the intersection of 9th and Main Streets.  

Video coverage will be presented in high definition via our Youtube channel so you need to remember that as you view the video on the internet, the more bandwidth you have on the receiving end the better the video quality will be.  Youtube should automatically adjust the video resolution, however, if you wish to manually change the settings to a different resolution, just click the “Gear” in the lower right corner of the interface and you will see the different resolutions available to you.

The video broadcast is of course dependant on the weather.  We cannot broadcast in rainy weather, but hopefully, the rain will not develop until the later afternoon hours.

(Photo Credit: Seth Herrold at The Republican Times)