Washington state felon apprehended by Chillicothe Police

Chillicothe Missouri Police Department

Chillicothe Police said a man was arrested last night who allegedly was uncooperative with officers and was wanted on numerous charges in another state.

Sergeant Jeremy Stephens said it was 9:30 when officers attempted to stop an unregistered vehicle in the 1900 block of North Washington Street, however, the vehicle failed to stop for the officer, continued at normal speed northbound on Washington. The vehicle traveled to Kelsey Reeter Road and turned around to go south on Washington coming to a stop in the 1000 block. Police said that’s when the driver did not exit the vehicle and failed to follow commands from officers. 

Stephens said when the driver was assisted from the vehicle, he allegedly resisted arrest but was subsequently taken into custody. A 57-year-old man, believed to be from the state of Washington, was wanted on three felony warrants including burglary, methamphetamine, and harassment of a criminal justice participant performing official duties. Information obtained by Chillicothe Police also indicated Washington law enforcement described him as being violent, having made threats to kill law enforcement.

Chillicothe Sergeant Stephens said during the encounter, the man resisted arrest by fleeing, was assaultive toward officers, was driving while suspended, heavily intoxicated, and in possession of a loaded firearm when prohibited per a court order of protection. The man was treated for an injury he received when resisting arrest.

Sergeant Stephens said a probable cause statement will be sent to the Livingston County Prosecuting Attorney to consider multiple local charges. These include resisting arrest, driving while suspended, driving while intoxicated, failure to register a vehicle, and unlawful use and possession of a firearm. The name of the individual was not released

pending the filing of charges in Livingston county circuit court.

Police stated no officers, citizens, or property were injured or harmed during the encounter. Chillicothe police were assisted by the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department and the Highway Patrol.