Volunteers needed to set up 500 flags for funeral of George Gooch in Laclede

Flagmans Mission Continues website

Volunteers from the Laclede area asked to support “The Flagman’s Mission Continues” by setting up U.S, Flags for the funeral this week of Navy Petty Officer George Merton Gooch who was killed in action during World War II from the attack on Pearl Harbor 80 years ago.

Help is needed to set up 500 plus 3 by 5-foot flags Friday on October 8, 2021, in Laclede for the funeral of Gooch. After the event concludes, help is needed on Sunday, October 10 to take the flags down and reload them into the van.

Volunteers are to meet at 10 am at 306 Grove Street which is next to the Laclede Cemetery. Jeff Hastings, President of “The Flagman’s Mission Continues”, will provide

instruction on how to use the post drivers and how to unfurl the flags for display. Volunteers are asked to bring work gloves and wear comfortable walking shoes. Anyone able to walk and carry 10 pounds can help. Volunteers 12 years of age and older are preferred. Pickup trucks are welcome and useful in taking flags from the van to the setup locations.

Gooch’s memorial service is Saturday, October 9, 2021, at 1 o’clock. Flags will be taken down Sunday, October 10. Volunteers are to meet at 9 am at 306 Grove Street. Jeff Hastings will provide instructions on how to prepare the flags to put back in the van. Normally set up and takedown can be completed in just over an hour.

Cameras are welcome as organizers say the U.S. flags provide a lot of photo opportunities that can be shared with family and others in the community.