Video: Chillicothe Fire Department uses high-tech tool to teach fire safety

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The Chillicothe Fire Department used Fire Grant funds to help purchase a tool to help teach the community proper use of a fire extinguisher.

The grant paid for $19,000 of the BullsEye Fire Extinguisher Training System, which cost $19,306.47. The City of Chillicothe paid about $900.

Assistant Fire Chief Eric Reeter reports the department did several OSHA-required fire extinguisher training each year for local businesses as weather permitted. He says the training was conducted outside with an actual burn pot. The businesses paid for refilling the fire extinguishers after the training and the training required several fire extinguishers.

Reeter says the BullsEye System training can be conducted indoors in any weather condition and notes there will be no expense for refilling the extinguishers, either, because the system is laser-driven.

BullsEye uses digital flame generation and patented sensor technology to demonstrate proper fire extinguishment techniques.