Victim left in ditch: Two charged in Daviess County with kidnapping and assault


Two men accused of restraining someone, causing him to lose consciousness twice, and leaving him laying in the road or ditch in Jamesport Saturday night, have been charged in Daviess County.

Twenty-year-old Caleb Kettner of Belton and 20-year-old Connor Monteer of Jamesport face felony charges of first-degree assault or attempt and second-degree kidnapping. Online court information shows the bond for each is $50,000 cash only, and they are not to have any contact with the victim.

A probable cause statement from Deputy Kyle Cornett from the Daviess County Sheriff’s Office accuses Kettner of restraining a male in the rear portion of a vehicle without consent, choking him with the aid of the seat and headrest, and causing him to lose consciousness.

The probable cause statement alleges that Monteer, who drove the vehicle, repeatedly struck the person in the head and face to cause serious physical injury. After the person regained consciousness, Kettner and Monteer reportedly dragged him from the vehicle while continuing to assault him by striking him in the head and face, which resulted in him losing consciousness again.

Cornett says Kettner and Monteer left the person laying in the road or ditch as they drove from the scene. The person was later transported to the hospital and admitted for injuries sustained during the incident.