VA Shuttle at risk of losing funding if service fails to recruit volunteers

Veteran Transport Services

Volunteers are needed to drive the VA Shuttle for Trenton and the surrounding area.

Veterans Service Officer Wayne Kleinschmidt says that individuals should contact him in order to fill out required paperwork for a federal background check. He says volunteers will also be required to have a thorough health screening.

There is currently one driver, which limits how many veterans can be transported to appointments and Kleinschmidt adds that even if someone could only drive one day a week or month, it would be a “huge help”.

There is a risk that the VA Shuttle might lose funding, especially if it is not utilized properly. He says Congress assigns money for the service, and if the money is not used, the funding may be pulled.

The shuttle will make trips to Kansas City November 1st, 8th, 14th, 22nd, and 28th next month. Kleinschmidt says veterans should call to schedule rides to appointments as soon as possible. Family members can ride with veterans on the shuttle.

Call Kleinschmidt at 660-359-2078 for more information on volunteering to drive the VA Shuttle or to schedule a ride.