Trenton Police Department responds to 904 calls in November, 2023

Trenton Missouri Police Department (TPD)
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The Trenton Police Department responded to 904 calls for service and initiated activities in November.

Monthly statistics indicate the department completed 45 incident and offense reports and made nine arrests with a total of 16 criminal charges. They also investigated six alleged nuisance violations.

Officers conducted 47 traffic stops, issued 36 citations, and provided 22 verbal warnings. They responded to nine motor vehicle accidents and made 41 field interview contacts.

The animal control officer addressed 22 animal complaints during November. The officer impounded six animals, carried out seven animal welfare checks, issued two citations or summons, and delivered eight verbal warnings.

The communications center managed 944 non-emergency phone calls, and 208 emergency calls, and assisted 48 walk-in subjects.

In their efforts to ensure public safety, the Trenton Police Department collected 19 pounds of unwanted prescription medications.

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