Audio: Missouri Farmers Care is a program for students that focuses on advocacy for Agriculture

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Missouri Farmers Care has a 10-unit education program for elementary students called Agriculture Education on the Move. Missouri Farmers Care is an organization that focuses on advocacy for agriculture.

Daniel Savage of Chillicothe is the Northwest Missouri Lead and a Contract Educator for Agriculture Education on the Move.



The curriculum is aimed at third grade students. However, partner educators have worked with second and fourth grade students.

Savage says a goal of Agriculture Education on the Move is to bring the program into FFA chapters in the state.



FFA chapters and classrooms can implement the program as it fits their schedules.



Savage explains sometimes the program will try to find an educator, like himself, who can be contracted to teach the lessons.

The curriculum covers multiple aspects of agriculture.



Lessons are usually in a slide show format, and there is a hands-on activity with each lesson.

Savage says one unit covers soybeans.



There are lessons that cover corn and Missouri crops other than corn and soybeans.



One lesson is about soil.



Savage says other lessons are on beef cattle and dairy.



Pork and poultry are also discussed.



There are units on nutrition and ag careers as well.



Savage says students are given a pre-survey before they start the program.



Students are given the same questionnaire after the last unit. Savage explains some of the information is recorded, and it is used to determine how effective the program is.

Area school districts enrolled in Agriculture Education on the Move for this fall include Gallatin, North Daviess, Winston, Meadville, and Tina-Avalon. After Christmas Break more school districts will join, including Jamesport Tri-County.

Savage reports that, in the past year, there were 8,266 elementary school students in Missouri enrolled in the program. There were 62 FFA chapters participating as partner educators, and 28 of those were new. There were also 450 FFA members serving as educators.

Supplies and materials for the program are free through Missouri Farmers Care and Agriculture Education on the Move.

FFA chapters can enroll by going to Savage can be contacted for more information at 660-247-1703 or [email protected].

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