Trenton Police Department reports decreased calls in December

Trenton Missouri Police Department (TPD)
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The Trenton Police Department handled 884 calls for service and self-initiated activities in December, which is 20 less than it handled in November.

Monthly statistics show the police completed 42 incident and offense reports and arrested six suspects with eight criminal charges. They conducted 35 traffic stops, issued 12 citations or summons, and gave 27 warnings for traffic violations. There were three motor vehicle crash reports completed, 59 field interview contacts made, and eight pounds of unwanted prescriptions collected.

Animal control handled 29 animal complaints in December, which is seven more than animal control handled in November.

Three canines and one feline were impounded. Six animal welfare checks were conducted, and 10 verbal warnings were given.

The communications center handled 865 non-emergency telephone calls, 238 emergency telephone calls, and 65 walk-in subjects.

The Trenton Police Department notes 147 nuisance incidents had been reported for 2023, which is seven more than what was reported through Nov. 27 and 51 fewer than what was reported in 2022.

A nuisance summary shows the highest number of complaints for 2023 involved grass and weeds with 61. There were 59 complaints involving trash and debris, 20 regarding unregistered vehicles, and seven involving the open storage of a disabled vehicle.

Twenty-five incidents were active as of Dec. 31, 88 had been cleared, and 34 had been prosecuted. There were seven nuisance-related cases on the court docket.

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