Audio: Trenton Family Aquatic Center to open for the season on Saturday

Trenton Family Aquatic Center
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The Trenton Family Aquatic Center will open for the season on May 27th. The pool’s regular hours will be noon to 1 pm for lap swimmers and seniors and from 1 to 6 pm for the general public. The pool will be open every day of the week for the season.

Pool Manager Deann Roland says Roll’n Blue BBQ will be at the pool on May 27th for the pool’s opening day. The food truck will have food available for sale and the pool will have concessions.



There are 21 lifeguards and three assistant managers. She says that is a good number of lifeguards, but she would like to have a couple more.

If someone has a lifeguard certification, that person can still apply to be a lifeguard. However, Roland notes lifeguard certification classes have already been held for this season.



The pool staff does not offer its own swim lessons anymore, however, some lifeguards plan to hold lessons on their own.



Any more information on swim lessons is to be posted on the Trenton Family Aquatic Center Facebook page.

Jamia Marlay and the Church Women United Thrift Shop recently donated an AED to the pool.



Season pool passes will cost $120 for a single and $235 for a family of four. Up to two additional people can be added for the family pass at $60 each. Senior and lap swimmer season passes will cost $30 each.

Roland will be selling season pool passes at the pool on May 25th from 3 until 6 pm. The passes bought on May 25th will be full price.

She says a free lanyard will be given to anyone who buys a season pass.

Daily admission will cost $7 for swimmers three to 65 years old, $4 for swimmers who are at least 65, and $1 for non-swimmers. Children two and younger will be admitted for free.

Roland adds that the pool will close for inclement weather. The water temperature has to be at least 70 to stay open. The pool will close early if there are not at least 20 swimmers in the water by 3:50.

If the pool is closed for a day or closes early, that information will be posted on the pool building and/or on the Trenton Family Aquatic Center Facebook page.

Questions can be sent to the pool on Facebook Messenger, or someone can call the pool at 660-654-5878. Roland notes the pool’s phone will not be answered until opening day May 27th.

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