Gallatin’s wastewater system pump gets new maintenance contract,hold discussion on overcharging of water from public water supply district

Gallatin City Hall

The Gallatin Board of Aldermen, in their November 13 meeting, approved a maintenance contract for the city’s wastewater system pump. This contract, signed with Allied Systems, involves comprehensive maintenance, inspections, and repairs as needed for the city’s sewer lift stations. City Clerk Crystal Dorrel emphasized that the contract’s cost would be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, with no fixed fees, depending solely on the required work for each lift station.

In addition to this, City Administrator Lance Rains discussed various city issues. One key topic was the utilization of the former police office space at city hall by Main Street Gallatin, which received board approval. Rains also highlighted ongoing challenges with the postmaster in dispatching utility bills on time, noting a significant delay in the delivery of November utility bills sent on October 27.

Concerns regarding Daviess County Public Water Supply District Number 2 were raised. The district’s attorney sent a letter accusing the city of overcharging for wholesale water. Rains proposed a meeting to resolve these issues.

The board also reviewed and discussed budgets for several city departments, including the police, pool, band, city council, park, cemetery, and streets. Rains plan to make necessary adjustments, with further budget discussions scheduled for the next meeting.

Rains brought up the potential upgrade of the Missouri Local Government Employees Retirement System to a higher level. He noted that this upgrade would not incur additional costs to the city and that discussions would continue until changes could be implemented in February.

Pool Manager Stephanie Johnson and Lead Guard/Pool Assistant Nick Lagodney proposed placing a pool tax on the ballot to fund essential upgrades. The water department staff reported issues with the carbon dioxide system at the water plant and a water leak on Searcy Street, both of which are being addressed.

The wastewater department staff is undergoing weekly training for collection certification and has worked on jetting the wastewater line on Searcy Street. The Electric Department, having received back-ordered advanced metering infrastructure, installed numerous meters and managed a power pole fire on Elm Street after hours. Meanwhile, the Street department prepared for winter by stocking sand and salt and managing other town infrastructure needs.

Lastly, the sheriff’s office announced preparations for the annual Shop with a Cop event in Cameron on December 16, and Sheriff Larry Adams presented an incident report including various investigations and arrests. The meeting concluded with the board entering a closed session to discuss employee matters.