Investigation Underway: Small plane crash northwest of Chillicothe leaves pilot injured

A small plane crashed landed Wednesday afternoon in a hay field in northwest Livingston County. The Highway Patrol reported the pilot, 51-year-old Charles Peniston of Chillicothe, was moderately injured but was able to drive himself to the Hedrick Medical Center in Chillicothe.

It was approximately 2:15 Wednesday afternoon when the crash occurred which involved the plane being on fire. The patrol reported it was a privately-owned 1978 Cessna used for agricultural purposes such as “crop dusting.” The cause of the crash is unknown, however, the Federal Aviation Administration is expected to be at the scene on Thursday to investigate the crash.

It was approximately 2:45 when the Livingston County Sheriff’s D, Chillicothe Department of Emergency Services, Chillicothe Fire Department, and Missouri State Highway Patrol arrived at the scene near 5365 LIV Road 532.

A report from the fire department said the plane was on fire in the middle of the hay field which caused several small grass fires. The blaze was brought under control within a few minutes and fire crews extinguished hot spots in the field. Approximately 600 gallons of water were used.

The Chillicothe Fire Department listed the owner of the plane as Bobby Peniston of 11788 LIV Road 519 in Chillicothe.