US Bank Foundation Awards NCMC Student Support Services Scholarships

(L to R) Preston Hayes, Maggie Schmidt and Brandy Wilson . Not pictured: Colton Hargrave and Ashley Weaver.

US Bank Foundation, Inc. recently presented a grant award to the North Central Missouri College Foundation for Student Support Services Scholarships. The $2,000 grant was awarded to five NCMC Students: Colton Hargrave, Chillicothe, MO; Preston Hayes, Chillicothe, MO; Maggie Schmidt, Maryville, MO; Ashley Weaver, Trenton, MO; and Brandy Wilson, Trenton, MO. To be considered for the scholarship students had to qualify for the SSS program and complete a financial literacy course.

“US Bank is a strong supporter of NCMC and their entire service region, commented NCMC Director of Development Alicia Endicott.   “The US Bank Foundation follows three pillars of focus: Work, Home, Play when awarding their grants.  NCMC and SSS fall in line with US Bank in their Work pillar to support programs that; help small business thrive, allow people to succeed in the workforce, provide pathways to higher education and gain greater financial literacy.  The support of the US Bank Foundation will help SSS students fulfill all those goals.”

SSS is a federally-funded program that provides disadvantaged students with the encouragement and support they need to stay in college, to graduate, and to transfer to four-year institutions. The program offers intensive one-on-one tutoring, academic advising, transfer assistance, financial aid counseling, and other services necessary for students to succeed. 

The SSS at North Central Missouri College program serves 160 students each year. NCMC has sponsored the SSS program since 2001, making it an important asset in maintaining NCMC’s tradition of excellence.

For more information about making tax-deductible donations to the NCMC Foundation, contact Alicia Endicott at [email protected] or (660) 359-3948 x1403.


(L to R) Preston Hayes, Maggie Schmidt and Brandy Wilson . Not pictured: Colton Hargrave and Ashley Weaver.
(L to R) Preston Hayes, Maggie Schmidt, and Brandy Wilson. Not pictured: Colton Hargrave and Ashley Weaver.