Update: Trenton R-9 Superintendent releases update on COVID-19 quarantined individuals within district

Trenton R-9 School District

The Trenton R-9 School District has released an update on its schools, staff, and students in regard to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Superintendent Mike Stegman reports there have been three cases where the district had a positive Coronavirus event within classrooms. Therefore, three classes of students are deemed to be close contacts and have a directive for quarantine for a period of time. Those sent home to quarantine are not necessarily infected.

The total number of individuals positive and/or quarantined as of Wednesday, September 2nd is 136. The report did not specify how many were students and how many were staff members.

Stegman notes the district’s reopening plan involved pre-kindergarten through fourth grade being in cohort groups and required to wear masks when not in their classroom. Trenton R-9 did that to help prevent a large number of close contacts with any positive Coronavirus event. This would mean only one classroom would have to close instead of the entire facility.

The intent is to continue with face to face instruction for students not in quarantine. The schools will stay open as long as they can be safe. For those in quarantine, Trenton R-9 is working to provide online instruction and/or work packets to keep them on pace with their grade level.

Stegman says when there is a confirmation of positive exposure in the district, protocol calls for a school nurse to interview the positive individual and create a close contact list. The list is sent to the Grundy County Health Department, and the health department contacts the individuals and directs the length of quarantine for each.

The district is responsible for investigating and contact tracing for any positive case that occurs in its schools. Each case is handled independently.

Stegman advises parents and students to be diligent about wearing masks when not social distancing and continue to wash their hands often.