United States Department of Agriculture crop report released September 27, 2022

Corn Soybeans and wheat crops (Photo courtesy University of Missouri Extension)

USDA’s agriculture statistics service says 73 percent of the corn in Missouri is mature and 19 percent is harvested.

The amount mature is slightly behind the five-year average. The harvest of 19 percent is behind the five-year average of 30 percent statewide. The largest share of the statewide corn crop, 42 percent, was considered in good condition, with six percent excellent, however, 27 percent of the corn was rated fair, 16 percent poor, and nine percent very poor.

The agriculture statistics service said 45 percent of the soybeans in Missouri were dropping leaves. That’s ahead of the five-year average of 35 percent. Three percent of the soybean crop was harvested statewide, which is similar to the five-year average.

Soybeans, statewide, were mostly in fair to good shape. The good category was the largest at 40 percent followed by fair at 36 percent, and poor at 12 percent. Seven percent of the beans were considered in excellent condition. Five percent were rated very poor.

Topsoil moisture statewide in Missouri was rated 40 percent short. Another 23 percent was considered very short. The amount of topsoil with adequate moisture was 35 percent and there was a two percent surplus.

Subsoil moisture, statewide, was 39 percent adequate, 37 percent short, and 23 percent very short. There was one percent of the subsoil in Missouri considered to have surplus moisture.