Unemployment rates for northern Missouri counties as of December 2022

Unemployment Rate

Unemployment rates among northern Missouri counties were either above or below two percent for December, the most recent month available.

The Missouri unemployment rate is two point three (2.8%) percent.

Grundy County has a rate of 2.3% with 94 unemployed out of a civilian labor force of 4,129. In November, Grundy County was 2.4%, and a year ago, the rate for 3.1% for December 2021.

The highest rate among area counties is in Linn County with 2.7%. Others are Sullivan and Macon at 2.5%; Adair at 2.4%; Caldwell, Clinton, and Carroll each have 2.3%; Harrison at 2.2%; Mercer at 2.1%; and Putnam County at 2.0%.

Some area counties have less than two percent unemployment for December and include Daviess and DeKalb at 1.9%; Livingston, Gentry, and Worth each at 1.8%; and Chariton County at 1.5%.