Unemployment numbers released for the Green Hills area


Unemployment rates for the Green Hills area range from Linn county at 6.3% down to Worth County at 2.1%.

Grundy County’s latest rate, which is for December, is three point one percent which is a fraction higher than the month before. The new rate is based on 142 individuals unemployed out of a civilian labor force of 4,614. By comparison to one year ago, Grundy County’s jobless rate has come down from December 2016 which was four point two percent and 209 unemployed then. The statewide unemployment rate stands at three and a half percent.

Area counties, besides Linn, with rates above the state average, include Carroll at three point eight and Sullivan at three point seven. Putnam and Clinton counties are equal to the state rate of three and a half percent.

Several area counties have lower unemployment numbers for December and include in decreasing order Mercer, Harrison Caldwell and Chariton are at three point three; DeKalb at three point two; Daviess and Livingston come in at two point eight percent. Gentry county shows two point three percent.

December is the most month the county unemployment statistics are available from the state division of employment security.